Sunday, October 18, 2009

This weekend had its ups and downs. The highlight of my weekend being spending the day with Sebastian on Saturday. We went to the Kalamazoo air zoo. It is a museum of sorts featuring types of airplanes and their history. We had a nice lunch and then went to an orchard. The cider was good but their apple choices were limited.
Sunday was to be my turning point. I vowed to start eating right and begin to exercise again. The scales say I am already up 6 pounds. Sluggish has become agetive once more. I reluctantly rolled out of bed at 8 am. Browsing through the adds with my morning cup of tea, I decided to go to the store first thing. I was cruising down the road and noticed my gas guage. Turning left on to High street I proceeded toward the Mobil station. Music blaring and thinking about what I needed from walmart , I neglected to notice the 25 mile per hour sign and the police officer. He of course spotted me . I was issued a ticket. He claimed I was going 38 miles per hour but ticketed me for going five over. He seemed to think that was really generous . If he really wanted to be nice he could have given just me a warning! But that was not to be. So being the mood eater that I am , I came home and had a large portion of the apple crisp I had made the night before. Okay tomorrow is going to be my turning point. Try try and try again..........

Sunday, September 20, 2009

summer done now what?

To date I have ridden 2703 miles on my bike this year. This includes 320 mile dalmac ride. The Dalmac is an organized ride from Lansing to Mackinaw city. My friend Sarah and I rode the 4 day west route. What a great experience! The first day we rode through my daughters neighborhood. She was out there at roadside with her husband and my 2 gran dogs Gretchen and Maddy to wish us well.
George, husband to Sarah and best sag guy ever took great care of us. He made sure our tires were sufficiently inflated, bikes were ready to ride and had camp set up when we arrived at the next overnight stop.
Sarah was a great riding partner. She was very encouraging and offered tips throughout the ride. "Come on Rosie lets climb" she would say. It's amazing how those words got me going and helped me up each hill.
So I trained all year for this and I did it!!! Now I need a new goal. Now what?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

friends indeed

These are my friends Sarah and Linda changing my back tube with Linda's spare tube. The three of us thought it would be a good idea to ride a long distance training ride. We started at Sarah's, picked up the wow ride 50 mile route and got 82 miles in yesterday. We stopped in Mason for breakfast. After breakfast I got a flat as soon as I got back o my bike. I had a co2 cartridge and gun but no tools or tube. Luckily my good friends had the needed supplies and skill to get me back on the road. We finished our ride without further incident.
This morning I thought I best get right back on the bike . My arms were a little sore at first, my thighs screamed for a bit, my bottom did not want to connect with the saddle . After a few miles I was okay though and I logged another 45 miles. The Dalmac is less than 3 weeks away. My total mileage this season is 1,979 miles. Although I'm still a little concerned about the longest day..94 miles, and about the "wall" , my training has been good. I'm ready!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

occasional blogger

Well how time flies. Last entry April. Here it is August already. Dalmac is drawing near. Although I have ridden 1,718 miles since March I am a little nervous about the daily ride distance. My longest ride thus far was 67 miles. The shortest day of the 4 day route I am taking is 73 the longest 94. Tomorrow I am headed north to camp with Jeff and Sebastian. I will ride part of the last day's route. I was hoping to practice the hill they call the wall. Today I found out "the wall" is on day 3 and not the final day. Oh well I will look for other hills to train on.

Wilderness state park is our destination tomorrow. Here's hoping we get good weather. Here is a picture of Sebastian during our previous camping trip at Sleeping Bear Dunes and one of Miazey in Lake Michigan, same trip.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Okay this is not funny. I know it has snowed in April before and this is Michigan but give me a break. I guess this was a good time to take my bike in for a tune up.

I'm going to try and summon some energy and hit the elliptical this morning to try and work out.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

March wind

It hasn't been as warm as I would like but I am getting out more. Last week I caught these two love birds frolicking about while walking with my son and Maizey the wonder dog.
This week the forcast was rather bleak. When the temperature hit 50 though I decided to bring the Diva out of the basement and hit the road. I need to ride at least 1000 miles before the Dalmac. I managed to maintain a 15.5 average on the way out. Coming back was a little more challenging. I was riding into the wind. By the end of my 32 mile ride my average was down to 13.5. Overall I thought the ride was a good effort. I have 72 miles logged only 928 to go. The weight watchers thing is working I'm down 15# and down a size in my jeans .

Monday, March 16, 2009